The demand for Israeli technology and innovation is at a peak, and the Geomatrix Group investment tracks enable you to take part in the success

Over the past decade, Israel has undergone a significant change and became a technology hub impacting people’s lives

Over the past seven years, the overall high-tech exports

(services and hardware) have increased by 150% (from 18 billion in 2014 to 45 billion in 2021)

The innovative launching model developed by the Group includes 3 key advantages:

Investment in ideas at the basic stage (pre-seed, seed)

A model that maximizes the potential yield

Possibilities for investments under instalment plans

For the first time, with minimum risk

Possibilities for investments in small amounts

Starting at 300 thousand dollars

Where the value of 11 out of the 15 start-ups in which the company is a partner has increased by over 500%.

We will be happy for you to join in the success of these ventures and of many more