A support system for heat disinfection and sterilization processes.

The client, in the field of skin rejuvenation, ordered a support system for heat disinfection and sterilization processes of tips – the end of a surgical needle inserted into the skin as part of an advanced peeling and drug insertion device.


The Geomatrix technological department managed the development and the preparation for production of the high heat disinfection and sterilization support system. The system has high technological flexibility, with the ability to digitally calibrate heating and cooling profiles.
During the rapid development process, which lasted only three months, the Geomatrix technological department created a device that heats to a peak temperature of over 600 degrees Celsius combined with a controller that manages heat circuits, while taking into account a convenient product design, that offers high usage safety and minimal product size.


The device is used exclusively by Novoxel, for whom it was developed.

The project was done for: