Essential oils and plants have been used over recent years by naturopaths, masseurs, medical therapists, and individuals interested in natural medicine, plant-based perfumes, etc.

CANNADOF is an automatic machine for extracting oils from inflorescence, enabling the extraction of essential oils independently from home, for private use. The machine is compact and easy to use, making the oil extraction process simple and easy. The user places a teabag of the desired inflorescence, feeds in the instructed amount of solvent (ethanol), and within 40 minutes the machine will automatically extract the desired oils, while recycling 95% of the initial solvent quantity.


The Geomatrix Group technology department managed the production preparation process taking into consideration the following emphases:

  1. Planning for serial production
  2. Improving the user interface
  3. Adherence to standards and regulation
  4. Cost reduction and offering a realistic shelf price

The Project Was Done For: