A solution that will make recordings, locating and eavesdropping from the cellphone a thing of the past

The product by the Geomatrix Group and the information security company Cirotta, which has completed the development phase, presents a solution that will make recordings, locating and eavesdropping from cellphones into a thing of the past, and has already drawn the attention of many Israeli and international entities.

The product in question is a smartphone cover that blocks the ability to eavesdrop and use a camera, as well as blocks the ability to use Bluetooth, WiFi or to identify GPS systems.


The add-on, which includes hardware and software covered by six patents, protects the cellphone by blocking the camera lenses and preventing any third parties from observing the environment through them, blocking the possibility for recording and monitoring calls made around the device, and blocking the possibility for infiltrating and stealing environmental information retrieved from the device data from a nearby computer through WiFi and Bluetooth.


The product is currently on sale worldwide.


In addition to analysis and engineering, mechanical, hardware and software development, Geomatrix Group is a business partner in the development.

The project was done for: