The Alpha-Omega system is the most advanced micro-electrode recorder (MER) in the world.

The system, which serves medical teams during brain surgeries, documents the operation and provides feedback in real time.
The advanced system assists in locating the precise area in the brain for treating motoric problems caused by Parkinson disease and other neurological illnesses. The system is under research for future use in treatments of epilepsy, Alzheimer, OCD and other medical conditions, and was even selected as a case study product by the worldwide Siemens company.


The Geomatrix Group handled the mechanical and engineering fittings development process in strict compliance with the client’s meticulous requirements, as well as adhering to stringent regulatory demands that include following the 13485 medical protocol, and complying with regulations of standards institutes: the UL Listing Mark, The FCC mark, The CE Mark, and others.
Additional emphases for development:

1. Efficient and fast transporting capacity of the product.
2. Support for Design for Mobility (DFM) for fast preventive and ongoing maintenance sessions.
3. Support for Design for Assembly (DFA) for easy and quick assembly of the product
4. UX UI processes -with emphasis on the design of screens, buttons, switches, symbols and other visual elements that create a user friendly, intuitive and accessible interface. The design was done in collaboration with the Alon Razgour studio, and industrial realization of the design by the Geomatrix development department.


The Geomatrix Group is a Technology partner with Siemens Plm, which is owned by the worldwide Siemens Group.
Thanks to the cooperation between the companies, Siemens Plm chose the Alpha-Omega system as its flagship project and international case study. The Alpha-Omega system is currently presented at professional conferences and tutorial videos worldwide.

The project was done for:

Alpha Omega