An electromechanical kit developed for the Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv that serves students in robotic, electronics and computer sciences laboratories and courses.

The kit includes Arduino – an open code development circuit board, DC engine, Servo engine, ultrasonic sensors and other components. The Geomatrix Group technological department developed a technological kit that receives the components at the end of the work cycle, while monitoring equipment replacements, automatic integrity testing of replaced components and other features that enable supervision, monitoring and safeguarding expensive equipment over time.


The development of the Kit included the combination of various electro-mechanical components required by students taking their first steps in the worlds of electromechanics into a collective kit while emphasizing appropriate student user experience, technologies that monitor the equipment replacement upon the completion of the work, monitoring the integrity of replaced equipment and enables reliable and convenient long term use of the equipment.
The kit enables:

Electronic monitoring that ensures that students have returned all the components received in the laboratory.
Robust mechanical connection that protects the components in the kit when carried from place to place.
Electronic connection that enables the automatic testing of component integrity upon replacement.


At the first stage, a prototype of the product sent towards the production of a prototype using model manufacturing technologies, in order to enable the execution of functionality testing and examine the product design in an initial pilot test. The second phase included customization for serial production.

This Project was done for:

The Afeka College